Step 1: Right-click on the video file. Step 2: Choose>Compress (file name) Step 3: Follow the steps and the file will get compressed. Despite compressing your file or creating a .zip folder, you will find that some video files can still be too heavy to attach to emails. 2021-9-28 · Web Zoom Recording in Meetings 2022-07-21 Choppy Audio : 'Record By Computer' Feature for Phone Voicemail Greeting in Phone System 2022-07-18 Cloud recording still processing after 24 hours, tpo long in Meetings 2022-07-16. With Zoom, however, your video stays awesome. With ample warning to him and the rest of the meeting, Dave's video may shrink in size and even turn off as it tries to combat his low bandwidth, but the rest of the participants will continue to have normal video and screen sharing. As we noted, Zoom will do anything - shrink the video, reduce.

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