As my little sister, I'll do whatever it takes to see you soar." Mael chuckled. I snuggled into my brother's chest. "Thank you, Mael.".·:*¨ ¨*:·. Y/n POV. I groaned as I woke up from what I assumed was a dream. Dinner was silent last night and it was just my luck that Meliodas was asleep next to me. Not that I didn't enjoy him next to me. name: melody. age: 148. gender: female. sexuality: bi. Family: the former demon king (dad) meliodas (1st oldest brother), estarossa (2nd oldest brother), zeldris (3rd oldest brother) likes: her friends and family, fighting, (cant think of anything else) dislikes: spiders, girly things, anyone who hurts her or her family/friends, needles. Search: Demon Prince X Reader Lemon. Ver más ideas sobre pecados capitales, imagenes de meliodas, los siete pecados capitales After reading over 10-15+ mangas/manhuas etc Sophie 10 of the greatest tracks by a genius of pop's expressive power For a demon, he is pretty handsome, with his golden hair and his deep black eyes it takes place on a planet called earth,yep it here it..

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