Some Motel 6 are fine, some are very shady, just depends on luck of the draw. Like most hotel chains out there, there's a lot more below the surface in most locations, too. For instance, dirty mattresses, stuff underneath/behind furniture, etc. (look up. The first Motel 6 in Santa Barbara, California, which remains in business Motel 6 was founded in Santa Barbara, California, in 1962, by two local building contractors: William Becker and Paul Greene. [1] The partners developed a plan to build motels with rooms at low cost rates. 16 reviews of Motel 6 "this place was fun. very inexpensive, and has a nice pool. I stayed at a W hotel recently that was trying really hard to do what this place HAS done. provide a hipster like quality, for an affordable price. no frills, just straight up place to stay. they also take dogs. ALEX helped us out, and I give him a solid TEN for helping us.

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