One-way clutches transfer torque during the cranking of self-start motors. They also prevent starter motor failure, by restricting reverse drive while the engine is running. SKF's One Way Clutch typically has only four parts compared to the conventional design that comprises of seven different parts. Product Description. Heavy duty One Way Starter Clutch for your Honda EX 400 is finally here! 100% USA MADE! Proud to present the only LIFETIME WARRANTY clutch on the market! Fits years 1999-2008 HONDA 400EX. We have been selling starter clutches for years and can tell you if it does not say L&L Extreme you have wasted your money. A Hydraulic Selectable One-Way Clutch (SOWC) is used in GM’s 9T50 (figure 1, above) and Ford’s 8F35 transmission (figure 2, below).Click Here to Read MoreAdvertisement Its function and design are quite clever. The center plate inside this selectable one-way clutch lugs to the Overdrive Carrier. On the top side of this center plate are spring-loaded []. a one-way clutch comprises an inner race (2), an outer race (3) driven in a specific direction and provided with a plurality of pockets (4) in its inner circumference facing the outer circumference.

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