Find commercial properties for sale by owner. All our commercial real estate is listed privately, by the owners themselves. Our building expertise. Together we can build something special. For over 65 years, Wick Buildings has designed, engineered, and built quality post-frame buildings. First public school in Union City, through grades 8, 1855 at site of the "old Branum Restaurant". School destroyed by fire, 1857. Second school built, 2-story brick building with 3 rooms at current site of West Side elementary building, 1858. Addition to school for 2 more stories and 2 rooms, 1868. First high school class of 13 students, 1872. 68' x 28' Portable Classrooms. When you have access to comfortable, effective, state-coded portable classroom space, your educational system flows more seamlessly. Our 68' x 28' portable classroom can help keep your school system on track and moving forward with 1,792 sq. ft. of educational space. View Details.

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