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2022. 6. 17. · A major bill expanding health care and benefits for veterans exposed to toxic military burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan passed the U.S. Senate on Thursday, as senators praised their bipartisan. wujil hotel. A complete list of all Vietnam veterans is unavailable. However, as of 2015, an alphabetical list of all Vietnam veterans who have died through 2014 is maintained at VVA.org by the Vietnam Veterans of America. Enter the phrase. related to: Vietnam War veterans. www.donatecartoveterans.org. Donate Your Car to Veterans - Hassle-Free Process.US Veteran. 2022. 8. 3. · The U.S. Senate passed the Honoring Our PACT Act on Tuesday night in an 86-11 vote, expanding health care for 3.5 million of America’s veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits in the post 9/11-era.. The legislation also covers health benefits for other veterans exposed to chemicals, such as Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, during their military service.

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